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About us

  Fujian Example Group is located in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, which is between the cities of Zhangzhou and Xiamen Special Economic Zone in Fujian Province. It is a comprehensive enterprise composed of researches & development, manufacture and sales of tin cans, easy open ends, canning machinery and tinplate printing & coating.

  The Group was set up in 1988, which is consisted of several subsidiary companies, that is: Fujian Example EOE Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Example Group (Zhangzhou) Can-making Co., Ltd., Fujian Example Group (Zhangzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Shan County Example Can-making Co., Ltd., .

  Enterprise always adheres to the business purpose of “Honesty with Ambition, Practicality with Innovation”. The Group started from a small workshop with several staffs --Zhangzhou Tuping Can Factory. After years of hard working and steady development, it becomes a leading package enterprise and one of biggest can-making manufacturers in Fujian province.

Management ideals:Honesty with ambition, practicality with innovation

Marketing ideals:Our Quality Will Help You Enlarge Your Market; Your Choice Will Help Us Develop Further

Enterprise style:(1)Loyalty Enterprise, seeking development, mutual help, sharing result. / (2)Be pragmatic, vigorous, unitary and innovative / (3)True Faith; Good Results

Quality Policy:Quality First; Customer Supreme; Challenge Ourselves and upgraded in the Competition

Example dream:Build a harmonious, happiness, soulful Example home.

Team spirit:Example team is a team that is ready to assemble at the first call and be capable of fighting and winning, and cannot be defeated and stricken down.

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